Network deployment

Once the design is complete, the solution needs to be delivered to the field and the task of field deployment begins. Whether a simple change, migration or complete rollout of new hardware and software, the need for a solid methodology, process and an extensive network of proven field resources is critical.

Successful field deployment requires more than simply dispatching an engineer to install, upgrade or replace hardware or software onsite. It takes a well thought out plan, logistical capabilities and a trusted network of field engineering resources to be successful. Where many companies have the engineering expertise to develop the design, they lack the logistics and field engineering components needed for a successful deployment.

The Solution

TekMinders’s Network Deployment offering provides all of the elements required for a successful deployment. As a whole, these operate as a turn-key solution or individual elements can be leveraged to fill gaps in your team

Project Management – provide leadership and coordination

Site Survey – onsite field engineering validates and documents the environment

Staging – load, configure and test solutions prior to shipping increases success

Field Deployment – ensure that your installations go smoothly by leveraging TekMinders’s national network of onsite field service technicians

  • Onsite verification of site preparedness
  • Written report outlining any requirements prior to installation
  • Receipt and verification of equipment at centralized staging facility
  • Load and configure hardware/software per design specifications
  • Test as a system
  • Repackage and ship to installation location
  • Inventory, inspect and physically install network hardware
  • Attach physical interfaces and validate network interface status
  • Power-up and test connectivity
Express Logistic Services

TekMinders will manage and house customer-owned spares in our parts depot locations. We’ll work with you to create a sparing plan, stock our locations, and dispatch spares when they are required, and even handle RMA’s.