Server monitoring and management

Due to the critical nature of many server-based applications, downtime can have a significant business and financial impact on organizations – resulting in lost revenues, reduced productivity and decreased customer confidence. The server and application monitoring service offered by TekMinders increases service availability by delivering around-the-clock monitoring for each layer of the server architecture.

The Solution

TekMinders’s Server Monitoring & Management helps organizations of all sizes quickly pinpoint issues within their server environments by proactively monitoring the physical and virtual servers, as well as the operating systems, applications, and data running on the hardware platforms. TekMinders’s specialized staff proactively monitors the server architecture using a combination of monitoring tools to identify availability and performance issues in near real-time. Upon identification, TekMinders isolates the issue and notifies the customer for remediation.


We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, so your IT service partner should be ready to support you every moment. TekMinders 24 x 7 phone support is available round the year to meet all your Critical IT support needs and ensure that your data centers are up and working with full potential. So you can raise a ticket at any point of time – whether it is at midnight or during the holidays.

We a assure that our team of experts revert back to your IT needs within the assured timeframe,. All this comes to you within the promised package . No hidden costs!. We are passionate about support work and we work towards making the lives of our clients easier. So we let you you sleep in peace by taking care of your IT assets. As a leading IT maintenance provider, TekMinders is dedicated to offer highest quality customer service and cost-effective solutions to help our clients get the best value for their money. We have catered to the IT requirements of clients across a wide range of industries and we have won acclaims for the quality of support provided. So, no matter what kind of service you are looking for, we can help you.