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As India and the world was responding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, at Tekminders our thoughts, first and foremost, were focused on ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees. Having adopted a work from home model during the initial phase, keeping in mind the critical nature of the business, team Tekminders soon espoused a holistic approach towards surpassing the safety and hygiene pre-requisites to get the workplace ready from September-2020.

We strategically set about incorporating the right measures such as sanitizing the workplace, obligatory usage of masks and regular temperature checks as part of the daily routine. The ideal social distancing norms were put in place as the employees were made aware of the ‘new normal’ of the workplace. We set up a special forum for employee communication to circulate the latest and relevant information to the employees from a reliable source. While the Bangalore office opened in October-2019, the Delhi office opened in November-2019 with a flexible work-from-home option. The remaining offices in India reopened from December-2019 as well.

Tekminders left no stone unturned to demonstrate our commitment towards our stakeholders and ensure smooth business continuity during the COVID-19 lockdown. Efforts were made to support the teams on their physical and emotional wellbeing, managing anxiety and fears and being able to contribute fully during this period. A doctor-on-call was made available to address employee doubts and questions. Thus, assured about being fortified with the right safety and hygiene tools, our workforce was able to resume the corporate and branch offices in a motivated, happy frame of mind – reaching out to customers to take care of their maintenance requirements.

In summary, SLAs never suffered, customer contact was never impacted, meetings were held on time, productivity level was enhanced, and stress levels were reduced – delivery the optimal work-life balance.

Tekminders Goes Global!

February 25, 2021 | Tekminders Global | 1 Comment

Tekminders IT Services, India’s leading enterprise equipment solutions and support provider,
is proud to announce our expansion into the international market. With the intention to be
closer to our customers, we have extended our services to the US and European regions from
We have kick-started operations as Tekminders Global INC in the US and Tekminders Global
Limited in Europe. Via our newly opened offices in Liberty Lakes, USA and London, UK, we shall
gain a better understanding of our global customer base and equip them with better service
and solutions. More stock centers will soon be added at strategic locations.
Tekminders’ technical expertise in providing hardware maintenance and support solutions
combined with our emphasis on customer centricity and fast resolution has enabled us to gain
popularity as India’s preferred choice for longstanding alliances. We intend to adopt an
identical strategy to scale the company globally.
Our COO, Mr. Vijendra Shrivastava plans to adopt a hypergrowth strategy in the US and
European markets in the next two years, with a firm belief that the market is going to open up
soon, and in the post COVID world, more opportunities will surface in all sectors. The upper
management is eager to expand rigorously, with confidence that our team will create the same
customer experience in the US and Europe as they did in India!
Tekminders is excited to begin the foray into expanding our global footprint. Stay tuned for
more news on this front in the coming weeks!